Jemima de Jonge

Nog (Still)

Multimedia installation
Cardboard, video monitors and wood

The entrance to the cardboard installation is a narrow corridor of high boxes, leading to a circular enclosed space. In this dark room, three miniature rooms with tiny furniture, closards and plants -ratio 1:8- are placed on three columns of different height. The window of each room is a monitor where Jemima runs intermittently. Her image is split into three: the top monitor shows her face and head, her torso can be seen in the middle and her legs and feet take up the lowest screen.

The non-stop struggle with the feeling of wasting time was one of Jemima’s main motivations for this work. In the installation we are drawn into this field of tension. It depicts her need for control and at the same time a desire for surrender.

A feverish movement, from slowing down to accelerating and back. Pounding footsteps that contrast with the stillness in the rooms. The visitor’s body is activated by the room’s atmosphere as Jemima’s moving body on the screens demands to be followed. Round, round and round. In this day and age, slowing down seems to go against our intuition. But speeding up evokes feelings of powerlessness and loss of control.

Someone commented: When I feel really lousy, this is exactly the size I want to be. To become this small and hide in these miniature rooms