Jemima de Jonge

About Jemima

Jemima de Jonge (2001) grew up in Rotterdam. She graduated with distinction in June 2023 at the KABK (Royal Academy of Visual Arts) in The Hague.

She uses film -such as the recent Uprooted- to merge drawings, sculptures, installations and performances into one gesture. Like a true multidisciplinary child of her time.

From an early age, Jemima has used drawings to visualise her thoughts and ideas. In them, an (inner) grownup sense of tragedy and tension collide with sometimes childish solutions. She plays with contrasts between rough sketches and clear detailing.

Jemima demonstrates a great awareness of her surroundings which she uses to manipulate spaces. She defines the edge between the real and the imagined. On this boundary, the viewer is drawn into her work via a mixture of media and routes. They create slightly alienating experiences and stories with an idiosyncratic sense of humour, in which the loner is often central.

Jemima de Jonge’s development in film, such as the shorts Uprooted (2021) and Enter Amazons (2022), show how her drawings, sculptures, installations and performances naturally merge into one gesture.


Her film Uprooted she was selected in 2021 as one of the Badlands film talents in the Eye museum. Uprooted was included in the ‘Korte Film Poule’ in Feb 2022.

Her film Enter Amazons won the prize for the most surprising film at the ‘Eye on Art’ research lab festival 2022.