Jemima de Jonge

A Body of Water


Seeing and experiencing the installation requires the visitor to enter a secluded space. This intimacy is necessary so, I can share what drives me, and overcome life’s volatility. 

Inside, A body of water presents videos with performances as an almost cinematic sequence.

Video projections are mounted in cardboard spaces that run into the surrounding cardboard chamber where the viewer finds herself. The boundaries between the digital and the material are blurred and merge into one whole. This organisation of space invites the viewer to immerse herself entirely in the work. 

The cardboard makes the interaction between the space and video shaky and ragged. The warm material is both banal and pliable, but also human and vulnerable.

For me, a small incident or detail is enough to trigger the unfoldment of an entire inner world. 

In A body of water, an undercurrent seeps in through the cardboard walls and acts as a trigger. The ingress of moisture into the walls represents my physical response to changes at the micro level. It is a mirror for what is happening outside and what we are made so hyper-aware of by all the media exposure. 

My images are fuelled by the desire to escape the outside world’s pressure. I am looking for security and stability. I dive into the details and hope to gain some control over what comes our way. Lightness and humour are a way out. They open up another window. Here my humanness and vulnerability manifest. 

The staircase in the main room acts as a transcendent image. It refers both to an end and a beginning. Is it a departure or an arrival? And what did you see along the way?